Parents Evenings



Parents' evenings and other events. 

It gives us great pleasure to say that these are now back to being in-person events. This means that your child will make appointments with each subject teacher and you will come into the academy hall and gym to meet, in person, each teacher who teaches your child.  We look forward to seeing you all at these very important events. The dates for each year group are as follows. 

All parents' evenings will start at 4.30 and end at 7pm. 


Year 7 - Thursday 11th May 2023 

Year 8 - Thursday 10th November 2022 

Year 9 - Thursday 1st December 2022    

Year 10 - Thursday 15th June 2023 

Year 11 - Thursday 12th January 2023

Students will be given appointment sheets to make their own appointments with staff 10 days before each evening. 

If you are unable to make an appointment please request a phone call via the email address stating your child's name and year group. 

Please read the Making the Most of Parents' Evenings guidance sheet  here


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