Year 9 Parent Information

Year 9 Guided Choices

In Year 9 students will personalise their curriculum by choosing some of the courses they will study in Year 10 and 11. 

To ensure that all students can compete for university places, apprenticeships and career opportunities, all students will study:

Core (English Maths, Science, Learning for life and PE), 

Entitlement which is a Humanities subject (Geography or History) and a Language (French or Spanish)

Personalised Choice of other subjects. Students will be able to pick both History and Geography subjects if they want to, as well as both languages if they want to. 

At all stages staff will be on hand to answer questions and give guidance. By following this process we are sure that all students will have a more personalised and appropriate curriculum at Fakenham Academy, leading to more and varied opportunities in the rest of their lives. 

The Process 

Pre decision information 

15th November - Careers event in school. 

Thursday 23rd November  - Parents’ evening in school with teachers from 4.30 to 7pm. 

Report in November and January. 


Stage 1 - 1st February 

Careers information guidance and advice evening. 

Students will follow a programme of Advice and Guidance during Enhancement time.


Stage 2 - 1st February to Friday 9th  February  

Survey to find out what course students are interested in us running. 


Stage 3 - Monday 12th February to Friday 23rd February  

Making your choices via an electronic form. this form has been sent to the email address of all students in Year 9 


Stage 4  - by the end of April 

Receiving your offer by letter. 


Stage 5 - by the end of May 

Discussion with Senior staff to finalise the courses you will follow in Year 10 and 11. 


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