Student Support Team

Alongside our dedicated teaching and support staff team, we also have a fantastic team that works exclusively to support students outside of lessons. 

This often takes the form of pastoral/wellbeing support but may also be linked to attendance or behaviour issues.

The team is led by Mr Collishaw  (Assistant Headteacher) and comprises of Progress Leaders, Mr Leat for KS4 (Year 10 and 11), Ms Adams (Year 8 and 9) and Mrs Dack (Year 7). We also have two Pastoral Student Support Leaders, KS3 is Mrs Broughton and KS4 is Miss Shackleton.

Our student support leaders are available throughout the school day to support in lessons, at break/lunchtime and after school to meet with parents and discuss and overcome any barriers to students progressing at school.

In addition to this, all students have their form tutor who will always be their first point of contact if they are having issues, and they can seek support from our Student Support leaders, Progress leaders, or a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

Contact details are:

For Year 7 please contact Mrs Dack on 

For Year 8 and 9 please contact Ms Adams on 

For Year 10 and 11 please contact Mr Leat on 

If you call the academy please press 3 to connect to the Pastoral office

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