Year 10 Parents Information

Year 10 is a critical year and it is important that students make the best start to their GCSE courses that they can.

There are a few key things to remember:

1) When the government moved the exams from grades A*-E to 9-1, the government deliberately set out to make the exams harder. The content is more difficult, and often includes things that were not taught until A level previously. There is also more content than previously.

2) 9-1 grades have 9 at the top, highest grade. 4s are known as a “pass” and 5s a “good pass” by the Department for Education. There is less coursework than in the past as exams have become “linear” – most subject now have only exam at the end of Y11.


Parents can support their children by coaching them – there is some guidance here: 

Doing well in GCSE

3) The content covered in Y10 is not repeated. Other than a very quick revision session at the end of Y11, the things that students study in Y10 will not be revisited. So they need to get it right first time.


Course and exam boards

Year 10 2023-2024

Subject Board Spec

  • Art AQA 8202
  • Biology AQA 8461
  • Business AQA 8132
  • Catering Eduqas list as Hospitality and Catering Eduqas 5409QA
  • Chemistry AQA 8462
  • Computer Science OCR J277
  • Design Technology AQA 8552
  • Drama Edexcel 1DR0
  • English Language AQA 8700
  • English Literature AQA 8702
  • Film Studies Eduqas C670QS
  • French AQA 8658
  • Geography AQA 8035
  • Health & Social Care Edexcel RHS3
  • History Edexcel 1HI0
  • Maths Edexcel 1MA1
  • Music Eduqas C660QS
  • Physics AQA 8463
  • Science Combined Trilogy AQA 8464
  • Spanish AQA 8698
  • Sport Edexcel RSP3
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