Assessment and Reporting

We report on all years attitude/progress at 6 points in each academic year


At the end of each term (December, April, July) we will report a progress grade for all students.

For students in Key Stage 4 & 5 this will be in the form of a GCSE / A-level grade, which will include their end of Key Stage target.

For students in Key Stage 3, this will be in the form of an assessment designed to examine everything taught in that current academic year. i.e Year 8 Spring History assessment will cover content taught from September through to April in Year 8.

Progress grades will be reported that reflect the achievement relative to prior attainment. Key Stage 2 (or CAT data through assessments conducted in Year 7) will be used to determine the scores required in each assessment to ensure that pupils are making sufficient progress for their academic capability. i.e. a student with a much higher level of prior attainment at KS2 would have to score far higher on the end of term assessment in order to be 'meeting expectations' than a student with lower prior attainment.


In the middle of each term (half terms at October, February and May) we will report Attitude to learning for all subjects, in addition to any other assessment data that has taken place (i.e. mock exams)


Attitude to Learning

This grade is on a 1-4 scale. In each subject teachers will judge the attitude that a student has towards learning. The numbers refer to the amount of effort and participation the student shows in the subject. 

A1: Outstanding work. Learners show resilience and rarely, if ever give up on a task. 

A2: Good work which meets the expected standard for that learner. Learners show resilience in most  situations and persevere most of the time. 

A3: Work which requires improvement. Learners lack resilience in many situations and sometimes give up too easily. 

A4: Inadequate work which is significantly below the standard expected for that learner. Learners lack resilience and give up often. Learners are disruptive to the learning of others.  

Attainment grades

The current working grade is judged on a GCSE grade scale of 9-1 with R1, R2 and R3 grades below a grade 1.

Whilst these are GCSE grades we recognise that not all students will take all subjects at GCSE level. Therefore these grades in Years 7, 8 and 9 give an indication of the grade the student would be on at the moment as measured against the GCSE criteria.  

The Current Working Grade is the grade we have assessed students are working at, at this point in time as suggested by all the different assessments they have completed. 

Target grades

We are required to set a target grade for every student in each subject from Year 10 onwards. We do not use these targets in KS3.  These target grades are based on the national KS2 tests that each student takes at the end of primary school. The target grades are determined by using the Fischer Family Trust data. The resulting target grade is the one on their report in Year 10 and Year 11. 

Fischer Family Trust FFT

FFT provides data and analyses to all schools and LAs in England and Wales. FFT estimates are used by teachers to inform the setting of ambitious and aspirational targets for students. FFT’s analyses of pupil results and pupil progress, and provides school leaders with insightful data to support school improvement and self-evaluation. FFT Education Ltd is an independent, non-profit company which was established in 2001 and has links to the Fischer Family Trust.

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