Maximising Opportunities

Future Skills and Enrichment Lessons

All students are expected to attend the Future Skills lessons which are timetabled once a week. These lessons are designed to support students' personal development and prepare them for living independently in the wider world. Topics such as study skills, mental health, finance, and world news will be considered. This time will also be used to research and apply for university, apprenticeships, and employment.

Enrichment Programme 

An important part of Sixth Form life is taking part in enrichment activities which widen experience, cultural knowledge and horizons. Our enrichment programme gives students the opportunity to try new subjects and gain new skills. These activities are pivotal to be able to apply for competitive universities, apprenticeships and employment. Students will have one enrichment lesson a week.

Assemblies & Guest Speakers

Assemblies are held most weeks for Year 12 and Year 13 in the drama studio. We have a wide range of visiting speakers who address local and national issues. Important information is often conveyed during assemblies and students are expected to arrive punctually and attend assemblies when these are held.

Leadership Opportunities - Sixth Form Student Council

The Sixth Form Student Council representatives are elected by students at the end of the Autumn term. The council represents the Sixth Form at promotional events and provides a voice for the students in the running of the Sixth Form. Council members organise social events which contribute to the friendly ethos of the Sixth Form.

Norfolk Higher Aspirations Programme

The Norfolk Higher Aspirations Scheme  is a fantastic resource that aims to support students' academic achievement  by running virtual and face to face subject-specific sessions and supporting applications to university and apprenticeships. The Higher Aspiration Scheme gives students the best tools to make competitive applications to universities  of their choice such as Cambridge and Russell Group universities. There are a wide range of events and trips that all students in the Sixth Form are encouraged to take part in.  

Educational Trips and Visits 

Throughout the year students will have various opportunities to participate in trips and excursions that link to most subjects.  The purpose of the trips is to support curriculum study.  It is advised that students consult with subject teachers at the start of the academic year about provisional dates and costs to allow for financial planning. 

Work Experience

All Year 12 students are required to complete a two week work experience placement in July. This  provides important opportunities for students to learn and practise new skills, increase their confidence and enable them to find out if their chosen career is for them. Work experience also provides valuable content for UCAS applications and CV’s, making individuals more desirable to universities and employers.


One of our core values as a Sixth Form is Kindness. Therefore we encourage all of our students to take part in volunteering in order to give back to the community. This can be done in classes at the Academy or in the wider community such as in charity shops, care homes or youth groups to name a few. 

Ambition Group

As part of our commitment to supporting students to meet their ambitions we run an ambition group once a week. This is for students who want to attend top universities and challenge themselves. In the group we look at the requirements to get into Oxbridge colleges, how to advance using super curricular activities and how to excel during the application process for Oxbridge and Russell Group universities. All students are welcome to attend this informal group. 

Extended Project

EPQ stands for extended project qualification. It is an independent research task and involves students either writing an extended essay of about 5,000 words or creating a product with an accompanying shorter essay of about 1,000 words. It is a great qualification to take alongside three A Levels / BTECs. The EPQ allows students to extend their abilities beyond the A-level syllabus and prepare for university, apprenticeships, or their future career. It is worth half an A-level so can be used to earn extra points for university or simply to allow students to study a topic of their choice. 

Massive Open Online Course Libraray (MOOCs)


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